1. This Paraders competition is subject to the regulations for Beef Cattle Competition, as listed in the front of the 2013 Beef Cattle Schedule.  In th event of any inconsistency between the regulations for Beef Cattle Competition and these conditions of entry, the regulations for Beef Cattle Competition will previal.
2.  The parader must have the written permission from the owner of the animal to be paraded.
3.  Each Parader will be assessed for showmanship, animal/handler relationship preparation of animal, cleanliness of gear and suitability of animal.
4.  Paraders under the age of 15 years must prepare a heifer from the junior breed ordinary classes.
5.  All animals utilised for the purposes of the competition must be entered into the ordinary Beef Cattle Competition classes.  Animals are not to be brought onto the grounds for the sole purpose of this competition.
6.  A white coat or breed uniform recognised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Limited must be worn by the Parader when parading his/her animal.
7.  All animals paraded must comply with the Regulations for Beef Cattle, especially with regard to the use of nose clips and nose rings.
8.  Awards will be presented to the Paraders who best prepare an animal for the show ring, attention being given to the manner in which it is brought before the judges.
9.  Prize money will not be paid on the day of competition, rather by post following the Show, as per the Regulations for Beef Cattle.
Entry forms for this competition will also be made available at the Show through the cattle Superintendent's office.  Close of entries will be strictly enforced, the date and time of which will be published on the entry form and in the Show catalogue.
10. The RASV reserves the right to limit entries at its discretion, should there be time constraints or excessive entries.  In such a case limitations will be based on time of entry.  Details of class limits will be published in the Show Catalogue.
11. Parader must be a member of Young Beef Victoria.
12. Entry fee of $5.00 is payable per exhibitor inclusive of Young Beef Victoria membership.