Entry Requirements
All exhibits must be Cider or Perry produced in Australia.
Exhibitors must declare the product as being Cider or Perry.
An exhibit can only be entered into one class. However an exhibitor can enter multiple exhibits into a class, as long as they can demonstrate the difference between the exhibits.
In entering the awards the Exhibitor certifies that the exhibit is a product available for sale at the time of entry.
Volume/Stock Requirement
Entrants must have a minimum of 225 litres of each product in stock at time of entry (25 dozen 750mL bottles or equivalent volume).
Quantities to be Submitted
Each entry will consist of 4 x 750mL bottles, or 8 x 375mL bottles or equivalent volume.
Labelling of Exhibits
All entries must have exhibit labels attached.
The Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards will send you labels for each exhibit you enter into the competition.
The labels include:
(a) The competition name;
(b) The year of the competition;
(c) Class number;
(d) Exhibit number;
(e) Class name;
(f) Barcode.
It is very important that all exhibits are labelled.
Style Guide
Modern Cider or Perry: made in a style that is in line with the broad contemporary Australian market; more likely to be lighter, cleaner and crisper to taste, with primary fruit flavours; more likely to be made from dessert apple or pear varieties, but can be made from bittersweet/traditional varieties; can be either sparkling or still.
Traditional Cider or Perry: made in a style that is more in line with the cider and perry traditions of Europe; likely to be fuller, more chewy or tannic to taste, with secondary fruit flavours and ferment/maturation-derived characters (e.g. obvious influence of oak and/or oxidative handling); more likely to be made from bittersweet/traditional apple or pear varieties, but can also be made from dessert varieties; can be either sparkling or still
Bottle-fermented Cider or Perry: made in a style that is likely to show bottle-fermentation or bottle-condition-derived characters such as yeastiness and persistent carbonation from methode champenoise production or natural residual sugar and soft, moderate carbonation from keeving.
Dry: specific gravity up to 1005.
Medium: specific gravity between 1005 and 1012
Sweet: specific gravity of 1012 and above
Ciders and Perries made from whole juice and Ciders and Perries made from concentrate with the addition of water or sugar will be judged together.
There are no classes for flavoured Cider or Perry.
Judging criteria
All entries will be scored out of 100 points
Appearance  10
Aroma  20
Flavour  30
Overall impression  40
(eg. Style, Mouthfeel, Balance, Drinkability)
Total score  100
Medal range
Gold  92 - 100
Silver   85 – 91
Bronze  77 – 84