Entry Requirements
All exhibits must have minimum 90% Australian grown and produced ingredients.
An exhibit can only be entered into one class. However an exhibitor can enter multiple exhibits into a class, as long as they can demonstrate the difference between the exhibits.
In entering the awards the Exhibitor certifies that the exhibit entered represents a product available for sale at the time of entry.
Exhibitors must list the ingredients used and, where appropriate (eg. Cereals, Spices), the proportion each ingredient represents in the total weight of the exhibit.
Quantities to be Submitted
Please read the relevant section you are entering for information on the number of entries that need to be submitted.
Labelling of Exhibits
All entries must have exhibit labels attached.
The Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards will send you labels for each exhibit you enter into the competition.
The labels include:
(a) The competition name;
(b) The year of the competition;
(b) Class number;
(c) Exhibit number;
(d) Class name;
(e) Barcode.
It is very important that all exhibits have the appropriate label attached.
Judging criteria
All entries will be scored out of 100 points.
Dried fruit, crackers
Taste  35
Flavour  35
Texture  20
Appearance  10
Total score  100
Taste  35
Flavour  35
Appearance  10
Quality of components  10
Ratio of ingredients  10
Total score  100
Taste  35
Flavour  35
Condition  20
Appearance  10
Total score  100
Taste and Flavour  50
Aroma  20
Quality of components  15
Ratio of ingredients  15
Total score  100
Australian Grown Herbal Infusion Tea
Dry leaf   
Appearance and Aroma  10
Colour    10
Aroma     10
Flavour    40
Mouth feel    20
Overall liking   10
Total    100

Appearance and Condition 30
Texture and Mouthfeel  20
Flavour and Aroma  40
Overall Liking   10
Total    100


Medal range
Gold  90 – 100 points
Silver 82 – 89 points
Bronze  74 - 81 points