Category regulation

Delivery date: 19 February 2014
Judging date: 21 February 2014
Entry fee: $30. A processing fee of $10 will be charged for paper entries.

Entry requirements
All garlic must have been grown in Australia for commercial sale.
An exhibit can only be entered into one class. However an exhibitor can enter a maximum of five exhibits into a class, as long as they can demonstrate the difference between the exhibits.
In entering the awards the Exhibitor certifies that the exhibit is a product available for sale at the time of entry.

Recognition of contract production
Where a product has been produced for a brand owner under contract, the exhibitor must declare the relationship and provide the contact details of the contract producer. For these entries the result catalogue and any trophies they are awarded will state the number of the producer as well as the name of the brand owner.

Quantities to be Submitted
Each entry will consist of 500gm of garlic.

Labelling of Exhibits
All entries must have exhibit labels attached.
The Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards will send you labels for each exhibit you enter into the competition.
The labels include:
(a) The competition name;
(b) The year of the competition;
(c) Class number;
(d) Exhibit number;
(e) Class name;
(f) Barcode.
It is essential that all exhibits are labelled.

Judging criteria

Uniformity of Clove & Bulb 
(eg Shape, size & colour)   20 pt
(eg. Freshness, cleanliness, Physical condition)  20 pt
(eg. Firmness, Cleanliness, true to varietal type) 10 pt

Taste      40 pt
Aroma   10 pt
Total   100 pt

Medal range
Gold    90 – 100 points
Silver   82 – 89 points
Bronze   74 - 81 points