Exhibits must be distilled from cereal grains (barley, wheat, maize [corn], etc.), yeast and water AND must be matured in wooden casks for at least two (2) years (in accordance with the Excise Act 1901).

Exhibitors are prohibited from adding any form of sweetener or flavouring, including botanicals, to entries in Whisky Classes WKY001 through WKY005. Sweetened and or flavoured whiskies must be entered into Class LIQ005 - Whisky Liqueur.

One (1) sample of 700mL (millilitres) or equivalent is to be submitted for judging. 100L (litres) finished bottled stock is required to be held, except where Small Batch (50L is required) or Micro Batch (25L is required). Micro Batch whiskies are not eligible for their category trophy (see Entry Booklet for details).