With exception of entries in Classes BRN004 – Fruit Brandy, and BRN005 – Pomace Brandy, all Grape Brandy entries (Classes BRN001 through BRN003) must be matured in wooden casks for at least two (2) years (in accordance with the Excise Act 1901).

'Grape Brandy' means the spirit obtained by the distillation of wine in such a manner as to ensure that the spirit possesses the taste, aroma and other characteristics generally attributed to brandy, in accordance with the requirements set out below:

  • Must contain no less than 250mL/L of the spirit distilled at a strength of no more than 830mL/L at 20°C of ethanol.
  • May contain water, caramel, sugars, grape juice and grape juice concentrates, wine, prune juice, honey and flavourings.
  • Must not contain methanol in a proportion exceeding 3g/L of the ethanol content thereof at 20°C.

Source: Australian Society of Viticulture & Oenology, 2015 Wine Show Best Practice Recommendations

Exhibitors must state the age of their brandy. The age of brandy shall be determined by the age of the youngest component of any blend.

One (1) sample of 700mL (millilitres) or equivalent is to be submitted for judging. 100L (litres) finished bottled stock is required to be held, except where Small Batch (50L is required) or Micro Batch (25L is required). Micro Batch brandies are not eligible for their category trophy (see Entry Booklet for details).