Exhibitors are directed to consult the US Brewers Association (BA) 2016 Edition Style Guidelines, as well as the Australian and New World styles outlined in the Entry Booklet, when determining which class to submit their beer. The 2016 Edition US BA Style Guidelines can be found at https://www.brewersassociation.org/resources/brewers-association-beer-style-guidelines/.

A beer can only be entered once, in either draught or packaged formats or both, so long as the different formats are entered into the same Class and beer style.

The packaging type (draught or packaged) must be stated by the Exhibitor where asked to define this attribute.  As draught and packaged beers are judged together there is no need to separate classes by packaging type.

Exhibits that are commercially sold as the same beer but brewed at different locations by the same Exhibitor must be entered under the brewery name and location.  The exhibits can then be entered in the same class as the same style provided the locations of the breweries are stated (e.g. My Brewery, Victoria, and My Other Brewery, Western Australia).


Exhibits submitted in packaged form must be from a commercial bottling run (or canning line) and must be commercially available in the precise composition, including labels, in which it is sent for judging – growlers will not be accepted.

Beers packaged especially for the competition that are not ordinarily available in packaged form will not be accepted.

Exhibits not commercially labelled to meet all legal labelling requirements in their country of origin will not be judged.

Cans, PET containers, and cork or crown-sealed bottles are acceptable.

Flip-top (or swing-top) bottles will not be accepted unless sealed with a tamper evident label.

Product may be package conditioned.


Exhibits submitted in draught form must be in clearly identifiable, commercially appropriate kegs (i.e. coupler Type D or Type A) that are the property of the Exhibitor or of a keg rental provider used under agreement.  Cornelius (Corny) kegs and other home-brew type containers will not be accepted.  Draught Exhibits not in Type D or Type A kegs will not be judged.

Product may be cask conditioned.

Kegs submitted must be the property of the entering brewery or brewer and or the property of a keg rental provider used under agreement (e.g. Kegstar), and should be brewery branded or otherwise clearly labelled as to its contents and ownership.  Kegs submitted that are not the property of the Exhibitor or of a rental keg provider used under agreement will be withdrawn and disqualified.