Each axe must be double bitted (two cutting edges) and weigh 2.5 pounds or metric equivalent with a handle 2 feet or 61cm, including axe head. The axe blade shall not exceed 6 inches or 15.3cm. A Competitor will stand 20 feet from the target. The contest will consist of one warm-up throw and then three throws. The axe needs only to cut the outer edge of line of scoring area to win points in that area. The axe must remain in target and be verified by a Steward. If both blades stick in log, no score is awarded. The target: the centre of the bull shall be 60 inches from ground or metric equivalent and shall be 3 feet or 91.5cms in diameter with 5 rings. Points awarded from centre out: Bullseye – 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 for outer ring. One practice throw at a competitive target prior commencing the event shall be permitted. Any other practice throws at competitive target will mean immediate disqualification.