Competitors in each heat are required to draw for saws and logs prior to the event. Chainsaws will be started and running
prior to the commencement of the event. Chainsaws must be started on the ground
and no drop starting. In the event of the competitor drop starting the
Chainsaw, immediate disqualification will be given. At the commencement of the
event, it will be necessary for each competitor to bore the nose of the guide
bar into the log. The boring cut should be between the 100mm area marked with
chalk/tape. If the encircling indicator chalk/tape, or any other material used,
is cut/marked by the saw, the competitor shall be disqualified. Each competitor
will then have to come back up through the recently completed cut and proceed
through the top of the log, thus completing the first cut. The next cut is a
single action cut from the top of the log through to the bottom of the log,
thus completing the second cut. From here, the third wheel should be cut off
commencing from the bottom of the log and proceeding through the top. The
person who first completes this sequence of cuts in a satisfactory manner is to
be declared the winner. Competitors must supply their own safety equipment
which must include all of the following items; tight fitted clothing, long trousers
and cut proof safety chaps, head helmet, eye and ear protection and steel
capped safety boots. All of which must be marked with an Australian Standards
mark to indicate suitability for use when operating a Chainsaw. All safety
equipment must be properly in place or disqualification will occur.